Sangacchadhvam Samvadadvam Samvo Manaansi Jaanataam !

Devaa Bhaagam Yatha Purve Sanjaanaana Upaasathe! (Rigveda)

Welcome, to the official website of Sanatana Abhyudaya Seva Samiti (SASI). The website doesn’t feature any commercial activities (including banners, advertisements etc.).

 Meaning of SASI

The words acronymed SASI are Sanskrit words. “S”anatana means eternal, “A”bhyudaya means upliftment, “S”eva means to serve, and “S”amiti means committee. Thus SASI literally means a committee working together to uplift humanity by serving society to fulfill the purpose of human life as envisaged by Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana Dharma teaches us, each human being owes 3 outstanding debts. First debt we all owe is to celestial beings that is referred to as “Deva Runa”; second debt we all owe is to all the saints and sages –“Rishi Runa” and the third debt we all owe is to our ancestors “Pitri Runa”. All the activities conducted by SASI are designed to help each of us repay the above three debts while we are in this human form.


The intent of this website is to provide information to people interested in following aspects of Ancient Hindu Vedic Culture:

1. Religious

2. Cultural

3. Educational

SASI’s mission is to provide education to the younger generation about the religious aspects of the Vedic culture.  Teach the youngsters the relevance of these Vedic rituals in their modern lives and provide opportunities to them to practice these rituals in their own everyday life. SASI hopes to make them competent and proficient so that they can excel in performing the Vedic rites.

SASI strives to provide a forum where multiple generations (parents, children and grandparents) could come together to perform the various rituals as a group; or have the rituals performed for them by trained and qualified Vedic Pundits.

SASI’s programs are designed to promote and preserve the knowledge of arts and Hindu culture by introducing the younger generation to various traditional art forms.  These traditional arts are an integral part of traditional Vedic ceremonies.


The hope of SASI’s founders is that children who grow up exposed to traditional Vedic ceremonies values and will form a community.  In due course, this community of US born children who have been trained by participating in programs conducted by SASI, will become proficient in conducting and performing all the traditional Vedic ceremonies. Thus by becoming live repositories of the ancient Hindu traditions, they in turn would be able to impart this knowledge to future generations for the welfare of entire humanity.

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